Group activities

In concentrating on older people (65+) our objective is to develop peer group activities and mentoring targeted at those who are at risk of exclusion and health degradation. This is done by piloting peer groups in each partner country and developing peer group action and mentoring according to participants’ feedback. As a result, a description of the peer group mentoring supporting older people’s healthy lifestyles is produced and incorporated in the HASIC handbook.

Online platform

The objective here is to develop and test a structured online program to support healthy lifestyles of older people, provide a fully functional and usability-tested multi-lingual online-platform (website) promoting healthy life-styles for older people. This is done by testing several tools for self-assessment and self-monitoring of health behavior, developing, implementing and piloting the technical basis of the website, including database and user interfaces, as well as the online tools to support community based health-promotion activities.

Network development

Our aim is to develop services for people aged 65+ by increasing cooperation between social and health care providers from the region’s public, private and third sector. The consortium will develop qualitative research in order to collect information about services for 65+ year-old people and to find ways to increase cooperation between social and healthcare providers from the public, private, and third sector. To achieve this, in each country we will carry out focus group research with people over 65, and in-depth interviews with professionals and policymakers.